Tantric Dating – Meet your Soul Mate

Tantric Dating – Meet your Soul Mate

Actions speak louder than words!

People can hide behind words and can say or write anything they want, but when it gets to action you will experience and know an another person for real. During our dating events we practice Tantric intimate yet sometimes hilarious exercises together without saying a single word to help you discover the most important features of your partners. You learn more about them on one event than you would by chatting to them for days.

I believe the most efficient and fun way to date is to meet and experience a lot of people in person. Because the more people you date and experience through activity the better your chances to get to know the right information about them and really find your Mr Right or Miss Wonderful so you don’t have to settle for whoever comes along.

Do you have enough of

  • wasting time & money on online dating
  • being hooked up with people who either bore you to death or scare your pants off
  • being the wallflower on parties
  • sitting home alone and missing out on life
  • settling for the first person who comes along out of desperation

Do you want to

  • meet a great man or a wonderful woman with whom you can build a long term relationship?
  • date from your heart and not from your head?
  • have a really great time while you date in a safe environment?
  • experience the revolutionary pressure free tantric dating by intimately connecting with others?
  • discover the message that you send to the other gender before you open your mouth?
  • be exposed and expose yourself to lots of people to increase your chances to find your soul mate?

How can I meet anybody and get to know them without talking to them?

Did you know that you “talk” through your eyes, face, hands and body. 93% of what you communicate is non-verbal so why bother focusing on that tiny 7%? (7% word; 38% voice quality; 55% body, hands and face) Let’s bring the 55+38% alive and see how that helps you in getting to know another person.

How does this work?

15 men and 15 women meet for approximately three hours to devote their presence to each other, playfully enjoy the Tantric exercises and “date” each other. Each exercise keeps you present and opens your senses allowing you to comfortably take off your protective mask (armouring) and just simply be yourself. We start with “warm-ups” and gradually move into exercises that require more openness and that provide deeper self exploration.

When relaxed and open people gaze into each other’s eyes and touch each other gently and respectfully, the heart is liberated and opens up even more, allowing the soul to emerge. In these unique moments, time stands still and you can truly explore yourself or the other participants by feeling your own or the other person’s body, emotions, mind and soul. In order to reach such states of connection verbal language is deliberately not used. The Tantric exercises take us beyond words and help us experience our human existence more fully.

In a relaxed and alive atmosphere, meeting new people does not take effort. Even if you are shy or unsure of yourself, you can be sure that you will meet all 15 people from the other gender because each exercise is practiced with a different partner. The exercises are very simple and do not require physical strength, flexibility or knowledge about Tantra. At the beginning, during the break and again at the end of the program, there’s time for chatting and exchanging phone numbers if desired.


We’d like to reassure you that during the events, the level of intimacy will not go beyond your boundaries. Each pair finds their own level based on their own chemistry and the level of openness they experience. We ask the feminine partner to always communicate her boundaries by simple hand gestures. If someone does cross the acceptable limits, the instructor will direct him or her to leave and the person will not be able to attend future events.

We have a zero tolerance policy. There may be legal consequences.


The atmosphere is set with relaxing music, gentle fragrances in the air, and dancing candle lights, radiating warmth, safety and love.


The worst thing that can happen to you on a Meet Your Soul Mate event is that you learn about yourself while you are having fun with singles in a relaxed environment.

The best is that you leave with your Soul Mate


Sample music and emotional tone of the events