Tantric Intimacy for Couples – Love your Soul Mate

Tantric Intimacy for Couples – Love your Soul Mate

The purpose of the event is to strengthen your intimate relationship. It doesn’t matter that you have a magnificent relationship or you are hardly hanging on to the last threads that keeps you together. In either case when you put your every day life to the side and devote time to practice Tantra with your partner your presence will ignite the wonder in his or her eyes again that made you fall in love in the first place.

Tantra makes you slowly and safely surrender to the moment and guides you to open your heart. Tantra utilizes your breath, presence, acceptance and loving-kindness to reach a state where your mind quiets down and you see into your partner with grace and gratitude.

“Love your Soul Mate” is for you if

  • You would like to re-discover or strengthen the intimate bond between you and your loved one
  • You are longing for heart to heart connection
  • You would like to learn practical tools to deepen your non-sexual intimate life
  • You would like to explore your feminine or masculine qualities
  • You need a break and don’t want to talk about issues, but really want to just enjoy being with your partner and feel attraction and love again
  • You would like to laugh, enjoy and feel gratitude for all that you have been given

How does this work?

12 couples meet for approximately three hours to devote their presence to each other and playfully enjoy the Tantric exercises together in community. However you are going to practice the exercises with your partner only. Each exercise enhance presence and open the senses that allows the participants to smoothly take off their protective masks and just simply be themselves. We start with “warm ups” and slowly move into exercises that require more openness and provide more depth in self exploration. When relaxed and open people gaze into each other’s eyes and touch each other gently and respectfully the heart liberates and opens up even more allowing the soul to emerge. In these unique moments time stand still and one can truly explore him or herself and his or her partner through feeling their own or their partner’s body, emotions, mind and soul. In order to reach such states of connection verbal language is deliberately not used. The Tantric exercises take us beyond the words and helping us experience human existence differently in the presence of an another human being.

Listen to what participants are saying about the event

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How does our every day life benefit?

  • You will have tools to create harmony in your life
  • You will know when to speak, when to listen, when to touch and when to simply just be with your partner
  • You learn how to cultivate trust and respect that is the foundation for a soul connected couple
  • Heart to heart connection can be practiced anywhere and it always resets any issues
  • You will know how to “trigger” your partner to be the person who you fall in love with

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The relaxing music, the gentle fragrances in the air, the dancing lights of the candles radiate warmth, safety and love into the atmosphere and set the tone of the events.

Sample music and emotional tone of the events